Technology Innovation


NINGBO FUERD die casting is the world's leader in die casting mold and die casting product of aluminium and zinc alloys. Learning different case from various industries with ideas for component improvement through die casting tooling and die casting.

The die casting process often offers the possibility of manufacturing automotive components in such a way that the requirements for lightweight construction are optimally met. Review ways to save cost by applying value analysis and value engineering techniques and taking advantage of our seminars.

Die casting enables a high degree of design freedom in order to use materials in an ideal manner and helps to integrate several functions in a component.

Die casting is a fast, cost-effective manufacturing process for production of batch volume, net-shaped, tight tolerance metal components. It has the valuable of increased quality and lower costs compared to other processes.

The die casting tool will produce any number of components from hundreds of thousands to millions, before required changed.


✧ Benefits of FUERD die casting molds and die castings:

  • 1. High volume production
  • 2. Value engineering achieves
  • 3. Part consolidation eliminates operations
  • 4. Manufacture of complex net shapes
  • 5. Consistent quality over high volumes
  • 6. Tight tolerances achieved as cast
  • 7. Minimal draft angles on internal features
  • 8. Long tool die life
  • 9. Lower tool cost on multi-slide process