CNC Machining Services for Custom Machined Parts - FUERD
Our Haas 4-Axis Machining Centers with exchange table.
And multiple high speed multi-axis milling machines, we can manufacture the complex shapes and tight tolerances required for high precision part.

40,000 rpm spindles for high speed precision micro-milling
Laser tool setting for high precision applications
For high-volume production of small, high-precision 3D parts
Great for machining and finishing MIM components
Multi-Axis CNC Machining.
Our Haas VMC 5-Axis Machines
5-Axis machining has the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or a tool on five different axes at the same time.  5-Axis machining centers access two additional rotary axes (A & B).

Turning Capabilities
Our Japan Sliding Head stock Type CNC Automatic Lathes, and Longitudinal lathes.

Japan-turn machining has the capability to get extremely tight tolerances while moving at high rates of speed on multiple axes to add productivity and reduce machining time. Multiple cutting tools work concurrently to expand functionality, while utilizing automated feed to limit operator interaction. This machining can make extremely low RMS surface finishing.