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Design & Making Company In China

FUERD Casting is one of the best mold design & makers in China, offering mold manufacturing solutions for every industry, including led lighting, medical, furniture, machine parts, automotive die casting and more. Our main services offering include thin wall or more die casting mold manufacturing, die casting & gravity casting, investment casting,sand casting, as well as with CNC machining. With more than 35 years of experience, we are able to produce custom affordable aluminum die casting parts,zinc die casting parts and magnesium parts according to customers’ specifications, drawings or samples. We own advanced techniques, highly skilled staff that employ superior tooling and high pressure die cast processes to ensure that the mold parts are of the cheapest price and highest quality. Whether you need rapid tooling, mass production mold making with tight tolerances, our team of experienced specialists can offer a cost-effective solution at each stage.

FUERD Mold Design & Making Service

FUERD provide the highest quality of die casting tooling, injection molds for automotive, non-automotive, medical, electronic, and consumer markets. We have the technological expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to produce all types of die casting tooling, injection molds, including standard 2 plate, 3 plate, hot runner, prototype, insert, and cutting-edge gas assist molds.

✧ Services offered at FUERD include:

  • Design / Engineering
  • Production die casting tooling, injection molds
  • Prototype die casting tooling, injection molds
  • Engineering Changes
  • Program Management and Repairs
  • Logistics for Mold Delivery

✧ We have CAD / CAM / CAE system, using the following advanced software for design and engineering:

  • Pro / Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D modeling)
  • AutoCAD (2D modeling)
  • CATIA (3D modeling)
  • MasterCAM (CNC programming)
  • Mold flow analysis ( Anycasting injection simulation/deformation simulation)

FUERD has specialized departments in mold design, development, engineering, and logistics & delivery.

Each of these departments is expertly managed to ensure that all molds are custom built according to customer specifications.

We are the professional Pressure Die Casting, aluminum pressure die casting, Low pressure die casting tooling, injection molds in China.

1. Product information

2. Product wall thickness analysis

3. Required to modify position

4. Design of gating system

5. General structure movable die

6. Die casting Machine Required

7. No.1 simulation analysis of initial design

8. No.2 final simulation results after opening slag ladle (filling time)

Advantages of die casting mold
manufacturing and molding services
    • Good dimensional accuracy.
    • High productivity, easy to realize automatic operation.
    • Excellent surface finish.
    • Quick production and large volume production available.
    • little need to finish parts after molding.
    • Automation to save manufacturing costs.
    • Excellent repeatability and flexibility.
    • Die Casting produces low scrap rates relative to traditional manufacturing processes like CNC machining.
    • Holes can be centered on the interior tap drill dimension
    • Overmolding steel insert possibilities

The parts manufactured by mold making service are used for building and construction, food and beverage, windows and doors, automotive, household appliance, electronics, communications and more industries, car molding, cooker parts, and led lighting parts would be a key part.

  • High production capability and competitive prices for die casting service are offered.
  • We have rich die cast mold manufacturing experiences for over 35 years and earned a good reputation.
  • Exceptional customer service and communication.
  • Multiple of die casting mold designs & types – thin wall, Gravity Casting,Investment casting& sand casting are available to meet custom needs.
  • Do precision die casting parts manufacturing according to your drawings or samples.
  • Finish the parts with service of mold making in time to provide the strongest support for your R&D projects.
  • Our automated quoting, design analysis, and manufacturing process allows us to ship injection molding orders in as fast as 1 day.
  • We have advanced production equipment and facility, technology and materials to make the most precise die casting mold as well as great aspect .
  • We have the most experienced engineers and tooling partners that will really make a difference in your lead times, costs and final quality.
The Composition Of Die Casting Mold
  • Molding part (moving and fixed mold core, molding insert, core pulling core, etc.)
  • Mould base part (moving and fixed mould splint, AB board, pallet, mould foot)
  • Bypass system (sprue sleeve, shunt cone, cross runner, inlet and outlet)
  • Overflow system (overflow tank, exhaust tank)
  • Ejection mechanism (thimble, thimble fixing plate, ejection plate, reset lever)
  • Guide parts (guide post, guide sleeve, middle guide post, middle guide sleeve)
  • Core-pulling mechanism (core-pulling slider, oblique guide post, clamping block, spring, etc.)
  • Others (cooling system, heating system, strengthening column, etc.)
Die Casting Mold Manufacturing Materials

FH13 (heat-resistant steel) for front and rear mold cores, core pulling cores, sprue sleeves, shunt cones, etc.); 45# steel (for A, B plates, sliders, inclined guide pillars, etc.);
T8, T10 (guide pillars) , Guide sleeve, thimble, reset rod, etc.); A3 steel (front and rear mold splints, pallets, thimble plates, mold feet, etc.)

Die Casting Mold Design Process

Preparation Phase:
This is the phase where the validity of the product is evaluated from a dimensional and geometrical standpoint.
Cavity Numbers:
Cavity orientation, product count, and hypothetical time cycle have to be considered for the cavity mold’s best option.
Projection Place:
Projection has a significant role in the designing phase. It is also where the surface is created from the cavities plan.
Die Volume & Shape:
Volume and shape are essential in mold design. Here, the cavities’ sizes can be molded accurately.
This helps calculate the mold filling method. The modality depends on the filling process and process of the cast piece.

Die Casting Mold Components

Molding System
This determines the shape of the die-casting cavity as the moving core closes. And it relates directly to the core, insert pin, sliders, cavity, and inserts.
Mold Base System:
Frames and steel plates are the die-casting molds base system’s primary components. It’s where the mold of the die-casting machine can be installed, combined with different mold components.
Runner System:
This die-casting and pressure chamber part is linked to the runner system. Its system components are a sprue, an inner gate, a runner, etc.
Ejection System
Removing components from the mold is the function of this system. Its aspects include returned, ejection parts, and guiding