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Die Casting & Machining Since 1987

FUERD Casting is one of the most capable and affordable sources specializing in manufacturing precision OEM aluminum die casting parts on advanced casting machines with the highest industry standards and premium quality. With over 35 years working experience, From tooling design to casting parts manufacturing, finishing, and packaging, we provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all your aluminum die casting needs. Mainly serves for automotive, medical devices, engineering, electronics, chemical, construction, aerospace and more industries.

  • Die Casting Machine From 180t to 2000t
  • 1500+ Set of Casting Parts Exported Overseas
  • Trusted By Top Brandings in Automotive & Medical Industry
  • 35+ years of experience, 4 facilities & 160 employees
  • ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 Certified
  • Well Trained Staff Will Support you Efficiently From RFQ To Shipment
FUERD Aluminum Die Casting Process

Fuerd as a die casting manufacturer for more than 35 years. we have the expertise on everything from part designing to assembly to testing and all other essential components of the die casting process.

Die casting part

Die casting automatic line

Heat sink

Shot blasting


We offer die casting product on a range of processes, including:

✧ Product designing:
With our many years of experience in the industry, we know all the essential die casting designing considerations that should be taken into account. Our product designing will advise on how best to engineer and prototype on product to meet all requirements and improve operational efficiency.

✧ Aluminum casting:
We can optimize casting part to increase product strength and manufacturing output while keeping costs low even when specialized parts are involved.

✧ Heat sinks:
To protect electronics such as PC-boards, LED, heat sink die casting is necessary required. We can help you to get more support out of heat sinks with less machining required.

✧ Zinc die casting:
It is high strength, complex shapes in thin walls, zinc die casting is an excellent part.

✧ Assembly and testing:
FUERD can help you optimize assembly processes for faster turnaround times on high production runs while still maintaining exceptional quality that will exceed testing standards.

✧ CNC machining:
We can move on CNC machining process after diecasting. If you want to change die casting parts or create features that can not be made by a die casting mold.

✧ Metal finishing:
According to robotic sanding or painting, shot blasting, e-coating or vibratory deburr, we can do a wide range of metal finishing options to meet your specific needs.

✧ Electrical aluminum product:
To protect things such as generators, cars, traffic lights, cell tower boxes which that you will need electronic enclosures.

800T die casting Production quality real-time monitoring station

1600T die casting Production quality real-time monitoring station

Automatic polishing deburring

Die casting workshop


Polishing workshop

Sample room

Sample room

Die casting Workshop Quality Management Board


Die casting Workshop
Management Board




FUERD Aluminum Casting Services

Wide range of Aluminum Die Casting Materials
ADC 12, ADC 10,Aluminum Y102,Aluminum Y112, Aluminum Y113,AC3AM,ZLD101,Aluminium A356
Custom Colors
Black, Natural, Blue, Green and different colors as your requirements
Various Aluminum CNC Machining Process:
CNC aluminum milling, CNC aluminum turning, CNC aluminum drilling
Surface Finishing:
Sand blasting, shot blasting, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, electrophoresis, chromate, powder coating and painting
Aluminum Die Casting Applications:
Aluminum CNC parts can be applied to automotive, electrics, military, medical, aircraft, power generation, aerospace, and industrial engineering

We offer one-stop service starts from mold design, rapid prototyping, die casting,
machining to surface finishing. We help you get the final product with ease and here in one place.
Our dedicated and experienced engineering team will help your business throughout the whole project from early concept to full production.
- Accomplished and trained product design team are up to date with latest technology and tools
- Capable to detect and solve most problems during the design process easily
- Reliable designs to meet your requirements of custom parts for multiple industries
- Assist you to complete CAD drawing and project plan, review and analysis are also available
- Simulation flow analysis to predict how the mold will fill, solidify, and cool-reducing the risk of defective die-casting parts.
- Ensure every step finished within schedule and reach the desired quality
- Valued engineering solutions to help reduce costs throughout the manufacturing process

Comprehensive machines and equipment allow us to provide a customized solution to each customer’s needs.
We will continue to invest in superior equipment with technology innovation.
Tooling Equipment
  • 8 Sets EDM (Korea YIHAWJET Taiwan)
  • 5 Sets of CNC Machines (SONYU-SL850)
  • 2 Sets Wire Cutting Machines (DK7763)
  • 4 Sets of Milling Machines (QUM-S2)
  • 1 Set of High-speed Cutting Machines (0906148)
  • 1 Set 3D Laser Scanner Machines (Sikan Hangzhou HSCAN771)
  • 4 Sets Grinder Machines (TATUNG-OKUMA)
  • Each 1 Set for Drilling, Sawing, and Lathing Machine
Die Casting Equipment
  • 1 Set 1600-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • -Will be ready on Y2023
  • 2 Sets 800-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • 2 Sets 500-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • 2 Sets 400-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • 1 Set 300-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • 2 Sets 280-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
  • 1 Set Vacuum-Assist Casting Unit
CNC Machining Equipment
  • 2 Sets Makino F5 Precision Machines (with online metering equipment )
  • 1 Set Mazak 7-axis Turning & Milling Machine
  • 4 Sets Mazak/Hass 5-axis CNC Machines
  • 8 Sets of 4-axis CNC Machine Center
  • 21 Sets of 3-axis CNC Machine Center
  • 2 Sets of CNC Lathes
  • 3 Sets Sodick Wire Cutting Machine
  • 2 Sets EDM Machine & 1 Set Surface Grinder
Quality Assurance Equipment
  • Carl Zeiss CMM
  • Spectrum Metal Analyzer
  • X-ray Detector
  • Projector
  • Cleanliness Test
  • Pressure Leakage Test
  • Microscope
  • Salt Spray Testing Equipment
  • Pneumatic Measuring Instrument
  • Hardness Testing Machine
ISO 9001
It specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization.
IATF 16949
Quality management system requirements of automotive components or services for an organization.
Compliant with RoHS & Reach requirements and terms for an organization.
Conscientious employees put an extraordinary amount of care into every process with the help of
professional and sophisticated instruments to ensure that our customers’ products meet their expectations.
Zeiss CMM Equipment
Full dimensions measuring for casting parts

Strict IPQC
Execution check during process quality control
X-ray Inspection
Detect the porosity condition of casted parts