FUERD Casting is a 35 years experienced gravity die casting solution provider in China. We offer high corrosion resistance and high hardness features to all finished products.We have our well-structured foundry with a dedicated and expert team that makes us stand out. To satisfy and support your demands, our dedicated and committed engineers and staff are willing to help you fill your needs. We can even suggest the best method, material and all surface finishing facilities for the best output of your applications.


Ningbo Fuerd offer a wide range aluminum components such as intake manifold, heat sink, wheels, gear housings, pipe fittings, fuel injection housings, and automotive engine part by aluminum alloy.

Final Packingof Intake manifold

Casting mold of Intake manifold

Air pressure test of Intake manifold

Qualify part of Intake manifold


Process Description:

Permanent mold casting is also called: gravity die casting, sand casting, low pressure casting.

Compared with Die Casting: Gravity casting parts have good mechanical properties. Because they have low porosity than aluminum die casting parts. Also, mechanical properties of permanent mold aluminum casting part can be further improved by heat treatment.

Low pressure casting procedure is used for the production of aluminum intake manifold.

Aluminum gravity casting can also be referred to aluminum gravity die casting, aluminum metal mold gravity casting or aluminum permanent mold casting. We talk about same kind of aluminum casting process.

The batch aluminum gravity casting can be operated by handwork or by gravity casting machines. Because of the low cost of labor force, mostly china gravity casting foundries handle such casting process by handwork without any assistant machines.

CMM inspectton of intake manifold

Casting with sand core

Sand core mould of intake manifold

Intake manifold debugging


For our customer services as follows:

1. Getting drawing or sample from customer

We can make part according on drawing or sample from customers. Our software includes UG/SOLIDWORKS/PROC E/CAD. Also we can redesign the part if customer required.

2. Making the tooling

We will send PPT to customer showing how we work on tooling. Directly to show analyze the mold flow. The tooling material is steel1045 or H13.

3. Heating the mold and prepare the molten aluminum alloy

When we finish the mold, we will assemble the gravity casting mould on the gravity die casting machine to print the parts, the molten aluminum will solidify very fast and it can not fill the cavity well if the mold is not very hot, so we will do heating the mold before casting, often round 300℃; At the same time, we have to melt the aluminum alloy and degas with nitrogen to control the porosity after casting, the temperature of the aluminum also should be under control

4. Spraying the coating to the cavity and Pouring the molten aluminum

The coating can make the cavity surface smooth, to get much better casting surface, enhance the fire resistance of the mold and improve the tooling life.

Put the core into the cavity and blow the cavity with air sprayer to guarantee the cavity is cleaning, then put the filter screen on the gate and pour the molten aluminum into the cavity.

5. Getting part
After aluminum cool down, open the mould and push out the part.

Resin sand coreofIntake manifold

Resin sand core process

Low press die casting

Gravity casting machine


CMM inspecttom





Gravity Die Casting Process

Die Release Factor: This factor helps cool the die surface when the metal part is removed. That makes the die cavity ready for the next component to be formed.

Metal Pouring: After applying coatings, molten alloys are poured into runners, carrying various cavity parts and allowing them to fill the voids correctly. Mechanical tools are used to pour molten metals into a mold or manually done using steel ladles.

Releasing Parts: The created parts are cooled by heat sinking effects. When they are already cooled, releasing part happens by machined or operator die opening. After that, the casting solidifies and removes the runner and gates that fills the liquid metal inside the cavity.

Materials for Gravity Die Casting

Aluminum: The aluminum alloy is the compensation material accessible for gravity die casting. It features excellent stability and rigidity, thin walls, and corrosion resistance and lighter weight

Zinc: The zinc metal material allows effortless die casting that comes with a high level of impact strength. This material also provides lower cost, easy plating, excellent ductility, and die-low impacts.

Magnesium: The magnesium has extraordinary strength due to its weight and ease of cutting features. This metal material has advantageous features, making them more excellent for machining operations.

Cast Iron: Cast iron is the in-demand material preference for pipes and automotive components, like cylinder parts and gearbox cases. This metal alloy has a relatively low melting point, wear resistance, and castability like sand cast and machine.

Copper: Copper alloys are known for their high level of hardness, corrosion resistance, and outstanding mechanical properties. This metal alloy also has high resistance to wear, dimensional stability, and strong features nearly similar to steel.

Products Produced by Gravity Die Casting

Lighting:  Light fixtures, housings, and control panels

Electronics:  Consumer electronics, Hi-fi equipment, tools, housings, etc.

Medical:  Hospital pieces of equipment, gearboxes, and surgical equipment

Automotive parts: Engine components, cylinder parts, electronic and structural equipment, gearboxes, etc.

Defense:  Military industry requires reproducible components for surveillance, weaponry, etc.

We always use cutting edge technology and the best materials for producing Aluminum gravity casting parts

Comprehensive range of
Customized Gravity Casting solutions

We are professional in customized and nonstandard gravity die casting, CNC, or molding process. Clients can access the product's customization with different materials post treatments as per the functional needs of the casting. We offer a comprehensive range of die casting solutions such as high pressure die casting, gravity die casting, sand casting, etc. We handle each project carefully form design to delivery. We also provide powder coating, anodizing, painting, and assembly.

Use Cutting Edge Technology And The Best Materials

We aim at delivering the Aluminum gravity casting parts with the highest quality with value-added service to our clients. Our die-cast components always maintain great flexibility in the production and get delivered in the shipping schedule that ensures superior customer satisfaction.

We always use cutting edge technology and the best materials for producing Aluminum gravity casting parts. As a reputed and trusted Aluminum gravity casting Supplier, we work with global clients.

Fine Grain Sizes and Low Gas Porosity

Gravity die casting is a permanent die casting process. This process has an excessive rate than aluminum sand forming. Thus, it offers numerous advantages including the probability of fine grain sizes and low gas porosity that can be accomplished.

This process actually works for light alloy and metal die casting. FUERD is one of the first processes to be developed for this application.

What`s more, the process can be perfectly automated. This creates high-quality and dense castings with superior mechanical aspects like stiffness and strength. That way, it is very ideal for demanding motorized applications.

If your business concentrates on casting any metal parts for automotive, construction, and other applications, gravity die casting equipment and its finished products from FUERD is great for you.

Gravity Die Casting Advantages
  • - Can produce large parts.
  • - Can form complex shapes.
  • - Achieves thinner parts.
  • - High strength parts & Good mechanical properties.
  • - Corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, durable.
  • - Suitable for high-volume production.
  • - Very good surface finish and accuracy.
  • - Tight tolerances, achieving the precise finished metal parts.
  • - Have shorter manufacturing time and quick turnaround.
  • - Accurate tools fulfill repeatable quality and consistency.
  • - Minimum investment
  • - Permanent molds are going to be used
  • - Excellent thermal performance and high metal thermal strength.
  • - Best heat dissipation effect
  • - Free assembly, flexible assembly and convenient installation.
  • - Simple, beautiful and generous, can coexist and coexist harmoniously with die-casting, and die-casting is reliable.