Reputable Manufacturer Of Cast Aluminum Furniture Parts in China

FUERD is a reputable manufacturer and supplier specializing in cast aluminum home and patio furniture parts in China. With our expertise and dedication, we can precisely manufacture furniture parts based on our customers' provided drawings or samples. Moreover, we have the capability to design and create custom parts according to specific requests.

Our range of furniture parts includes various components such as casters, brackets, coasters, wardrobe accessories, connectors, mini joints, furniture legs, doorknobs, door parts, grommets, and television mounting hardware.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and possess deep insights into the furniture industry. This allows us to work closely with artists and designers, assisting them in transforming their creative ideas into tangible products. Through long-term collaborations, we have established trusted business relationships with renowned furniture companies both domestically and internationally.

Our commitment to producing high-quality products has contributed to our customers' success in the market. Their accomplishments, in turn, have earned us a solid reputation within the aluminum furniture industry and propelled us to provide even better service to our valued customers.