Top Rated CNC Machining Medical Parts China Manufacturer - FUERD
FUERD specializes in the production of various fine precision parts used in the medical device industry. Currently, it mainly serves the medical device industry, medical imaging equipment, medical orthopedics, medical implants, medical device implants, surgical instruments, medical puncture devices, and medical Electrodes, medical dental industry, military industry, aerospace, electronic appliances and other manufacturers.
Precision machining part: 
precision medical equipment parts, medical equipment ultra-precision hardware parts, surgical robots, surgical equipment parts, medical orthopedic equipment parts, bone nails, surgical intervention precision micro parts, implantable equipment parts, medical intervention occluders, interventions Stent hardware, interventional puncture equipment, interventional electrodes, endoscopes, implantation and implantation conveyors, ultra-fine precision nickel-titanium alloy precision parts, stainless steel components for medical oral surgery instruments, titanium alloy screws, ultra-fine precision parts with minimum tolerances It can guarantee holes within + -0.003 silk meters, the minimum cutting diameter can be within 0.20 mm, and the minimum diameter is 0.10 mm. The company's computer programming CNC turning and milling compound five-axis linkage processing of various complex and special-shaped parts can be produced, mainly processing medical GR5 titanium alloy materials, nickel-titanium alloy memory alloy materials, nickel-based alloys, Kovar alloy materials, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys , Batch processing of various metal ultra-precision parts such as medical stainless steel 304L, 316LVM, copper alloy, etc.