Die Casting Tooling

FUERD technically advanced facility, guarantees that a die cast die produced by FUERD exceeds your demanding requirements. Our many kinds of equipment is designed to handle the creation of robust dies that yield repeatable, reliable casting at your production facility. Base on our new machines preserve tight tolerances, less hand fitting is needed. The result is a better precise die with well interchangeability.

Die cast die from 180T to 2,000T in house die designs
TS16949&ISO 9001 Certification

FUERD experienced designer will work with you to create a tooling package that maximizes your process requirements, simplifies tool maintenance, facilitates quick die change, and ensures interchangeability of die components to save your time and cost.

Tooling designing


Mold maintenance

Tooling maintenance

FUERD sales, designer and program teams are focused on every phase of the project to make sure customer standards and specification are satisfied. Our attention to all detail and project management during the design and build phases of your tooling project maintains getting well PPAP and a successful product introduction.

Tooling drilling

Compound Die

EDM Mould

EDM tooling

FUERD quality management and committed support result in superior die performance and lower cost each casting over the life of the program. The added dependability of your manufacturing process transforms into well profits and good customer satisfaction.

Die casting mold process

Die casting tooling wearhouse

Tooling wearhouse

Mold EDM

Contact us for more information regarding our aluminum and zinc alloy die cast molds and die cast molds processes, or request a quote for further pricing details. We are an industry-leading provider of advanced die casting die and machining service.

Wire electrode cutting

Mould CNC machining

Mold polish

Graphite electrode

Tooling assembly