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For over 35 years, FURED has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of cast aluminum auto parts. We specialize in manufacturing various auto parts precisely according to our customers' provided drawings or samples. Additionally, we have the capability to design custom parts based on specific requests.

Our focus is on creating superior custom new energy auto housing, battery boxes, instrument controller housings, water cooler housings, and more. We are committed to upholding the business philosophy of "standards start from precision work, service comes from sincerity." We aim to develop in collaboration with our new and existing customers and industry peers, both domestically and internationally. We firmly believe that enterprises should not only pursue profits but also strive to make meaningful contributions to society, as this is where true value lies. With our spirit of continuous innovation, progressive thinking, and distinctive corporate culture, we have earned the support and trust of consumers.

Each product undergoes precise testing by professional technicians before leaving our factory, ensuring stable performance and high quality for our customized parts. We possess a mature design capacity, production and processing capability, and offer superior market price performance advantages. With a team of highly skilled individuals, advanced technology, and a comprehensive scientific quality management system, we consistently deliver stable product quality that remains at the forefront of the industry.

What are the applications of aluminum die-casting in New Energy vehicles?

Aluminum die-casting has become increasingly important in the manufacturing of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), which include electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles, and other eco-friendly alternatives. The lightweight and high-strength properties of aluminum make it particularly well-suited for NEVs, as it helps enhance energy efficiency, extend range, and improve overall performance. Here are some key applications of aluminum die-casting in New Energy Vehicles:
  1. Electric Motor Housings: The electric motor is a crucial component of an EV, and aluminum die-casting is used to produce motor housings. These housings provide a lightweight and thermally efficient enclosure for the electric motor, helping to dissipate heat generated during operation.

  2. Battery Enclosures: Aluminum die-casting is utilized to manufacture battery enclosures, protecting the battery pack and ensuring efficient heat dissipation. Lightweight aluminum enclosures contribute to the overall weight reduction of the vehicle, enhancing its range and energy efficiency.

  3. Power Electronics Housings: Power electronics control various aspects of the NEV, including the motor, charging system, and other electrical components. Aluminum die-casting is employed to create robust and thermally efficient housings for these power electronics.

  4. Charging Connectors and Housings: The charging connectors and related housings in electric vehicles can be made using aluminum die-casting. These components provide a reliable and lightweight solution for charging infrastructure.

  5. Chassis and Structural Components: Aluminum die-casting is used to manufacture lightweight and strong chassis and structural components, such as cross members, subframes, and suspension parts, contributing to the overall weight reduction and performance improvement of the vehicle.

  6. Heat Sinks and Cooling Systems: Aluminum die-casting is used to produce heat sinks and cooling components, essential for managing the thermal requirements of various NEV systems, including power electronics and batteries.

  7. Motor Brackets and Mounts: Aluminum die-casting is employed to create brackets and mounts that securely hold electric motors and other components in place while minimizing weight.

  8. Gearbox Housings: In hybrid vehicles and some EVs, where a gearbox is present, aluminum die-casting is used to produce gearbox housings, combining lightweight design with structural strength.

  9. Interior and Exterior Components: Aluminum die-casting is used for manufacturing various interior and exterior components, including door handles, mirror brackets, and trim pieces, contributing to the overall weight reduction and aesthetics of the vehicle.

  10. Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Components: Various drivetrain components in electric vehicles, such as differential housings, are produced using aluminum die-casting due to its weight-saving advantages.

By incorporating aluminum die-casting in New Energy Vehicles, manufacturers can optimize the vehicle's efficiency, performance, and range while also contributing to more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.