Injection Molding

FUERD is injection Mold Manufacturers, we can provide automotive, electronics, and consumer industries with complex and intricate custom molds.

We make variety of injection molds from simple prototypes to complex production molds including multi-cavity, insert, and shuttle molds and servicing presses up to 800 tons.  Our CAD/CAM, high speed CNC machining centers, wire and conventional EDMs, milling machines, drill presses, and surface grinders. 

We have rich experience from developing complex, intricate molds that require a high level of industry expertise.  Our exceptional team of professionals will produce the mold succeed.

Designed and built include:

  • Electric motor over-mold
  • Rubber over-mold
  • Automotive insert over-mold
  • Electrical insert molds
  • Automotive transmission insert molds
  • Consumer appliance parts molds
  • Toy parts molds

We inspect and ensure that all molds meet customer and MG Mold standards before shipment. Our molds are used to produce plastic and rubber injection molding products in a multitude of applications and industries such as automotive, electronic, and consumer products industries. 

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