Nov 09, 2021
1. Die arrangement and feeding mode
The first mock exam is the first mock exam aluminum alloy die casting product. The reasonable layout of the product and the feeding method can not only increase the number of holes in the mold, but only the small aluminum alloy die casting products.

At the same time, a reasonable feeding method can greatly reduce the subsequent processing. It can be said that a reasonably designed pouring method is a very cost-saving method. On the contrary, unreasonable pouring method will often lead to defects such as insufficient material of die casting, excessive processing of die casting parts and so on.

2. The accuracy should be determined according to the needs of customers
The pursuit of precision is the unremitting pursuit of die casting companies. However, the orientation still needs to be based on the requirements of customers. If the cost is too high, it needs to be increased, and if it is too low, there will be a large number of bad products.

3. Selection of parameters
The parameter selection of aluminum alloy die casting die will directly affect the precision and quality of die casting, as well as the wear resistance and service life of aluminum alloy die casting die. For die castings with high precision requirements, the parameters need to be written in more detail in the mold opening notice.

4. Wire cutting and heat treatment
Wire cutting and heat treatment are very important methods for surface treatment of aluminum alloy die casting die. Good treatment can increase the surface hardness, wear resistance, accuracy and service life of the die. If the treatment is not good, the aluminum alloy die casting die may be scrapped at any time.