Dec 17, 2022
                                                                   How to control the quality of die casting products?

Product quality control has always been the top priority of factory production. Especially for some precision aluminum die-casting series products, if the product quality is not up to the standard, it will be remanufactured and the factory capital will be lost innocently.

1、 Do not determine the process easily, and do not change the determined process easily
(1) The root cause, main factor or main performance of the problem should be found.
(2) Easily changing the process actually covers up the real causes and problems.
2、 Process control should have a strong sense of quantification and traceability
(1) There is no factor that does not affect the casting. Don't neglect any details.
(2) Any details shall be controlled and recorded with data as much as possible.
(3) Failure to control and trace process details will mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive measures.
3、 Be patient when solving problems
(1) Don't too much hope to eat a fat man at a time.
(2) Don't ignore the abnormal situation because it seems to have nothing to do with the problem solved.
(3) Don't do nothing when you can't find out the reasons and laws, and you can control and standardize the influencing factors analyzed.
(4) Review and review some experience and rules from previous experiments and summaries.
(5) Once some experience and rules are found, it is worthwhile to go further and turn them into theories, even if it costs more.
(6) We should know that "the dike of a thousand miles was destroyed in one cave" and that "Foolish Old Man moved the mountain".
4、 To establish a preventive thinking
(1) The highest level of quality management is prevention, not how to save problems.
(2) Any quality problem must have symptoms before it appears, depending on whether you have methods, means and experience to monitor and identify.
(3) When the same quality problem occurs for the second time, great attention should be paid to it.
(4) The daily process and result data should be collated with certain tools, and the rules and change trends should be found from the collated results. These rules and displayed trends need to be constantly revised.
(5) All control elements shall be as consistent as possible before casting products.
5、 Quality control must have management thinking
(1) Do not expect to directly rely on technologists to achieve the stability of product quality.
(2) The product quality is manufactured, and without the management of the direct manufacturer, the quality will never be stable.
(3) Therefore, it is necessary to observe, pay attention to and study the performance and status of direct product manufacturers, and manage and mobilize these performance and status.
(4) If the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of the product are not under control, once a quality problem occurs, you will always analyze the cause of the inaccuracy.
(5) Don't think that if the process control requirements specified in our current process discipline are met, the product quality is absolutely no problem.
(6) Therefore, our process control needs to be constantly improved and people should be well managed.

6、 Listen to more opinions and suggestions
(1) Don't think that if others don't know the reality and can't solve problems at once, their opinions will be worthless
(2) But they, especially the direct manufacturers of products, can give us a lot of tips and reminders
(3) If you can solve this problem, you can ignore anyone's opinions and suggestions; However, when it is difficult to solve the problem, it is suggested that anyone's opinions and suggestions should be listened to, tried and tested, whether you agree or not
(4) The thinking of quality management often touches the forefront of science and technology. Even a casual sentence or complaint may guide or imply a major direction of technological innovation. Therefore, professional technicians should pay attention to details and be good at capturing them.

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