Nov 23, 2021

The method for judging the quality of die casting die is as follows:

  1. The accuracy of scale, whether it can die cast zinc alloy die castings within the requirements.
  2. The production efficiency of die casting, that is, the time required to die cast a product.
  3. The reliability of the die casting die can always adhere to the extrusion of good products.
  4. For the service life of the die, the die-casting die can generally produce 100W sets, which is far lower than this value. It is not a qualified die-casting die.
  5. Die casting mold channel planning, die-casting products will not have flow lines, fractures and other defects.
  6. Whether the die-casting mold planning is reasonable, including the reasonable die-casting mold structure planning, the appropriate planning of water inlet location, the die-casting mold strength within the requirements, the reasonable placement of die-casting mold cooling water path, which is conducive to the core pulling and mold pulling of zinc alloy die-casting parts, and the products will not stick to the mold. These require many years of mold planning experience. Fuerd mechanical has several senior mold masters. It plans that the die-casting mold is fast, the mold opening cycle is 10-15 days, the mold problems are few, and the processing is fast.