May 13, 2022
In the production process of gravity casting parts, air holes often appear because of improper operation or unskilled technology. Once air holes appear, the castings are often scrapped due to quality problems and the production cost is reduced. There are many reasons for air hole defects, many enterprises always feel at a loss when they encounter problems.
   1. For the degassing quality of aluminum alloy smelting, select good refining agent and degassing agent, reduce the gas content in liquid aluminum, and timely remove oxides such as scum and bubble on the liquid surface, so as to prevent gas from entering the die casting again.
   2. The mold exhaust is unobstructed, the exhaust is smooth, the gas in the mold is completely discharged, especially in the liquid aluminum polymerization place, the exhaust channel must be unobstructed.
   3. Adjust the parameters of gravity casting parts - intake manifold parts , the filling speed should not be too fast, prevent air entrainment, and the casting temperature should be controlled well.
   4. In product design and mold design, attention should be paid to the use of core pulling and cooling to minimize the excessive wall thickness difference.
  5. The air hole often appeared in the fixed position should be improved from the mold and design.
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