May 20, 2022

After die casting molding, due to the mold flow is not smooth, resulting in flow marks and cold isolation phenomenon on the product, this product sandblasting or shot blasting will have the phenomenon of peeling, mainly poor filling and inclusion.


The phenomenon of product peeling is mainly reflected in these two aspects:

  1. After sandblasting or shot blasting, the surface is easy to peel after high speed and high pressure impact production and spraying more cold lines.
  2. 2. After high temperature baking after peeling, products after high temperature baking, part of the position of internal pores, internal air after release, easy to cause surface bubbling or peeling.


In view of the product peeling phenomenon, the solution is:first from the die-casting machine and die-casting parameters to improve. Adjust the injection speed and injection stroke, increase the pressure. Spray some release agent as little as possible to keep the mold temperature balance. From the mold design flow channel, exhaust aspects to improve.

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