May 29, 2023
Safety Technical Operation Specification for Aluminum Alloy Die Casters
  Aluminum Alloy Die Casters should strictly comply with the production safety manual. Avoid unnecessary accidents. Simultaneously ensuring the quality of aluminum alloy die castings.
1.  The operator must hold a certificate to work.
2.  Operators must wear personal protective equipment.
3.  The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle, and debugging methods of the equipment being operated, and carefully read the operating instructions, strictly following the equipment operating procedures.
(1). Before starting the machine, the operator must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, instruments, lubrication, cooling systems, and safety protection devices to ensure they are intact and effective.
(2). Operators must wear gloves when installing inserts to prevent hand burns.
(3). Operators (including others) are not allowed to enter hazardous areas during equipment operation. To prevent collisions and burns.
(4). When adding aluminum liquid to the insulation furnace, the operator (including others) should stay away from the forklift and insulation furnace to prevent aluminum liquid from splashing and injuring people.
5. During the process of disassembling and assembling the mold, it is necessary to correctly select lifting slings and disassembly methods, and check whether the mold has a steel fastening device to prevent the mold from falling and injuring equipment and personnel.
(1). Insulation furnace operation:
(2). New furnaces and furnaces that have not been used for a long time must be dried before use to prevent personnel from being injured by the splashing of molten aluminum.
(3). The operator should regularly check whether the wires are burnt, damaged, or overlap with exposed metal parts of the equipment to prevent electric shock accidents.
(4). When adding aluminum liquid to the insulation furnace, the power must be cut off.
(5). When cleaning the aluminum liquid dross, the correct selection of lifting slings and operating procedures should be followed when lifting the heating cover; The heating cover should be placed on the ground and not continuously suspended in the air; When the furnace temperature decreases and slag is removed, cleaning personnel should wear corresponding protective equipment (such as gloves and goggles); After cleaning the slag, the heating cover should be restored to its original position, the wiring should be correct, and the protective cover should be installed securely.

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