Dec 17, 2022
                                                   The die casting molds production problem analysis
The cause reason of molten metal splash when die casting.
1. Cover halves close imprecisely, and have big gap.  
2. The mould clamming force is not enough.
3. The die casting machine is  flexible ,and the mounting plate of cover half(fixed die) is not parallel.
4. Support span is large, and the injection pressure(force) bring about the cleading deformation , engendering molten metal spouting.
Method of adjustment
1.reinstall the mould
2. increase the mould clamming force
3.adjust the die-casting machine, ensure the mounting plate of fixed die(cover half) and  moving die maintain mutual parallel。
4.Add support plate on the movable mould , increase the stiffiness of the cleading

The factors influencing the working life of the pressure nozzle jet ,main factors :   
1.The material and quality of the nozzle jet
2.The fit clearance of the press charging barrel and jet nozzle
3.The concentricity of the mould and press charging barrel while installing
4.cooling problem
5.Select and use the superior nozzle jet lube(lubrication) etc.
Defect name : surface wrinkling of the product
 (1)Symptom: The irregular folds emerging  on the surface of product ,mainly appearing the thinner wall ,as show :
Can see the small aluminium granule
Reason: owing to indrawing the release agent or compressed air,air preasure being sealed up in the forepart is high then jack up the surface of the product and result in this phenomenon  
solution :exhaust thoroughgoing,eliminate the extra mold lubricant ,adjust the position of the high speed ,high preasure to prevent the melton metal cooling down  
defect name: wrinkle
Symptom: the cylinder part around the insert ,the surface membrana demalis appearing crumpling up ,it is different according to the occuring condition
Near the corner of the insert ,appearing the parellel wrinkle with the insert .a little far away from the corner .the surface membrana demalis can see the aluminium granule gathered ,appearing in power attached to the surface cut can see the concave-convex , the wee aluminium granule inbedding into the wrinkle after crushed
Reason: when die casting with the low temperature of the mould is easy to occur this ,the molten aluminum flowing in the passageway the forepart cooled and form oxide membrana demalis ,then occur solidification at the tuber fruther as due to the high pressure appearing wrinkle on the surface .
Solution :preheat of the mould and produce under the setted temperature ,should control the temperature of the mold in aopportune scope .
Zink die pressed casting blank is no hard spot ,but when polish before electroplating the hard spot occur. What's up ?

Notice :
1.the quality of the material (degree of purity)
2.rifine to degassing and deslagging when melting .
3.adjust the speed and pressure when die-casting
4.The pressure and temperature of the friction can not be too high .

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