May 25, 2022

What are the characteristics and application of aluminum  die casting?


         Foundry industry is the foundation of manufacturing industry, and the development of casting market is closely related to the global economic situation. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, good mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance, easy to process, and so on. The application scope is expanding, currently accounting for about 17% of the global casting output. Under the trend of automobile lightweight, the application of aluminum alloy casting in automobile parts manufacturing will gradually increase.

From the perspective of casting material, China's aluminum alloy casting industry has developed rapidly, the total production of casting in the country is growing, with the growth of production, aluminum alloy casting accounted for the total production of casting proportion is also rising, is one of the three most widely used casting materials in China.


    The main characteristics of aluminum die casting

  1. Low density, high strength. Using aluminum alloy castings under the same load conditions can reduce the weight of the structure, over a certain degree of cold working can strengthen the matrix strength, some grades of aluminum alloy can also be strengthened by heat treatment.
  2. It has good mechanical properties at high temperature and room temperature, especially good impact toughness.
  3. Good electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold in electrical and thermal conductivity, and has good mechanical cutting properties.
  4. The surface has a layer of chemically stable, dense aluminum oxide film, so most aluminum alloy in fresh water, sea water, nitrate and a variety of organic compounds have good corrosion resistance. But this layer of alumina film can be destroyed by chloride ions and alkali ions.
  5. It has good die casting performance, good surface roughness and small warmth. After adding certain alloying elements, casting aluminum alloy with good casting performance or deformation aluminum alloy with good machining plasticity can be obtained.


     Performance analysis of aluminum die casting after annealing

       Aluminum alloy belongs to the casting aluminum alloy which can be strengthened by heat treatment, aluminum silicon alloy has good casting performance, and the casting has high strength, small thermal expansion coefficient, high corrosion resistance and good chip performance, the alloy by controlling the addition of copper, manganese, silicon content, so that the comprehensive properties of the alloy are better. The strengthening mechanism of aluminum alloy is solution strengthening and precipitation strengthening. It is generally used under artificial aging condition. In order to keep better strengthening effect and better thermal strength and wear resistance of aluminum alloy after heat treatment, it is very important to determine the optimal heat treatment process parameters.

      Aluminum alloy at 400 degrees Celsius annealing hardness is not enough, 450 degrees Celsius returned hardness change is not great, but good plasticity, 500 degrees Celsius annealing hardness is the highest, 550 degrees Celsius returned hardness decreases, copper element deformation, alloy corrosion resistance, so between 500~550 die casting annealing treatment, The comprehensive mechanical properties of aluminum alloy are improved effectively.

     Application of aluminum die casting

      Aluminum alloy die casting is a widely used die casting material. Aluminum alloy die casting products are mainly used in lamps and lanterns, automobiles, motors, household appliances and some communication industries, etc. Some high performance, high precision and high toughness aluminum alloy products are also used in large aircraft, ships and other industries with high requirements. Other applications include powertrain, chassis system, body structure parts, chassis system and body structure parts have low permeability and high growth, body structure parts are technically difficult, and battery box is an incremental business of new energy vehicles.


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