Aug 15, 2022
What are the materials in aluminum alloy die castings
Aluminum alloy materials in aluminum alloy die castings are mainly divided into three materials: aluminum-silicon alloy, aluminum-silicon-copper alloy, and aluminum-magnesium alloy:
Aluminum-silicon alloy: mainly includes YL102 (ADC1, A413.0, etc.), YL104 (ADC3, A360);
Aluminum-silicon-copper alloy: mainly includes YL112 (A380, ADC10, etc.), YL113 (3830), YL117 (B390, ADC14) ADC12, etc.;

Aluminum-magnesium alloy: mainly includes 302 (5180, ADC5,) ADC6, etc.

For aluminum-silicon alloy and aluminum-silicon-copper alloy, as the name implies, in addition to aluminum, silicon and copper are the main components; usually, the silicon content is between 6-12%, which mainly improves the flow of alloy liquid. The copper content is second, mainly to enhance the strength and tensile force; the iron content is usually between 0.7-1.2%, within this ratio, the demolding effect of the workpiece is the best; through its composition It can be seen from the composition that such alloys cannot be oxidized and colored, and even if desiliconization is used, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. For aluminum-magnesium alloys, it can be oxidized and colored, which is an important feature that distinguishes it from other alloys.
At present, aluminum alloy die castings generally use A380, A360, A390, ADC-1, ADC-12 and other materials. ADC12 is equivalent to American ASTM standard A383, while A380 is equivalent to Japanese standard ADC10. In Japan, ADC12 is widely used, but in the United States, A380 is widely used, the composition of the two is also close, but the content of Si is slightly different, ADC12 is 9.5~12%, while the content of A380i is 7.5~9.5% In addition, the content of Cu is also somewhat different, ADC12 is 1.5~3.5%, while A380 is 2.0~4.0%, and other components are basically the same.

The most commonly used materials in my country are ADC12 materials and ADC6 materials. The main difference between the two materials is that the content of Si, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ni, and Sn in ADC12 is higher than that of ADC6, while the content of Mg is lower than that of ADC6. ADC12 has better die-casting and machining performance, and corrosion resistance. It is inferior to ADC6 material.
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