Jan 04, 2022
CNC machining process is a kind of machining, which also abides by the machining and cutting law, which is roughly the same as that of ordinary machine tools. Because it is a kind of automatic machining that applies computer control technology to machining, it has the characteristics of high machining efficiency and high precision. The machining process has its own uniqueness, complex process and detailed work step arrangement.

CNC machining process includes the selection of cutting tools, the determination of cutting parameters and the design of cutting process route. CNC machining process is the basis and core of NC programming. Only with reasonable process can we compile high-efficiency and high-quality NC programs. The standard to measure the quality of NC program is: less processing time, small tool loss and good workpiece.

NC machining process is a part of the overall machining process of the workpiece, even a process. It should cooperate with other front and rear processes to finally meet the assembly requirements of the whole machine or mold, so as to process qualified parts.

NC machining process is generally divided into rough machining, medium rough corner cleaning machining, semi finishing and finishing.

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