Aug 02, 2021
There are many types of molds. Here are the stamping molds and die-casting molds.

Definition of stamping die and die-casting die:

Stamping dies: Generally divided into hot stamping dies and cold stamping dies. The stamping dies are installed on a press or punch at room temperature, and their strong pressure is used to stamp the raw materials to obtain product parts of the required shape. The accuracy of product parts is completely affected by the design structure and manufacturing process of the stamping die.

Die-casting mold: Die-casting is a special product molding process. The metal liquid enters the die-casting die cavity on the die-casting die forging machine at low or high speed. As the metal liquid slowly cools, the die-casting die uses the movable cavity surface for pressure forging to produce product parts that meet the requirements without burrs.

The difference between stamping die and die-casting die:

1. Different molding methods. Stamping dies are generally shear forming, using a press to press and shear the raw materials. Die-casting molds are forming molds, which use liquid metal to fill the mold cavity and slowly apply pressure during cooling to form.
2. The operation objects are different. The stamping mold is solid metal, and the die-casting mold is liquid metal.
3. The specifications of the operating objects are different. The size of product parts formed by stamping molds is generally small, while larger product parts can be produced by using die-casting molds.
4. The production cost is different. Die-casting molds produce products that require additional processing, such as polishing and chrome plating. Therefore, the production cost is about 30% higher than the cost of stamping die stamping products.

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