Aug 02, 2021

Compared with other non-ferrous metal alloys, zinc alloy die-casting has obvious advantages: low material price, low melting point, low energy consumption, good fluidity and formability, sufficient filling, and smooth surface of the pressed casting, especially suitable for polishing, electroplating and spraying , Suitable for manufacturing high-quality die-casting products. With the improvement of heat-set die-casting machine performance and the development of zinc alloy die-casting surface decoration technology, the use of zinc alloy die-casting is expanding day by day. From the general requirements, the rocker arm, handle, bracket, dial, It is common for smart watch cases to use zinc alloy die-casting to motorcycle vaporizers, oil pump cases and drawing instruments that require airtightness. People have realized that in order to obtain high-quality and high-stability zinc alloy die castings, it is necessary to use high-purity zinc, and strictly limit the impurities such as iron, aluminum, and lead in the zinc alloy.

As we all know, zinc is an amphoteric metal, which is prone to corrosion in acid and alkali solutions, which significantly reduces the bonding force between the coating and the substrate. Therefore, in decorative electroplating, the pretreatment of the zinc-based alloy surface is the key. Usually parts are ground and polished The back surface will be quite smooth.

We are making full use of our country’s more resourceful, widely distributed, and inexpensive zinc to replace other metal products with die-cast alloys. This is a big way to improve the processing performance of products, reduce metal cutting, shorten production cycles, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Advantage!


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