Aug 02, 2021
The difference between die casting and injection molding:

1. The injection pressure of the die-casting mold is large, so the requirements for the template should be relatively thick to prevent deformation.
2. The gate of the die-casting mold is different from that of the injection mold, which requires a high pressure of the split cone to decompose the material flow.
3. Die-casting mold cores do not need to be quenched, because the temperature in the cavity exceeds 700 degrees during die-casting. Therefore, each molding is equivalent to quenching once, and the cavity mold will become harder and harder, and the general injection mold must be quenched to above HRC52.
4. Die-casting molds generally need to be nitrided in the cavity to prevent the alloy from sticking to the cavity.
5. Generally, the corrosion of die-casting mold is relatively large, and the outer surface is generally blue.
6. Compared with the injection mold, the movable matching part of the die-casting mold has a larger matching gap, because the high temperature of the die-casting process will cause thermal expansion. If the gap is too small, it will cause the mold to jam.
7. The parting surface matching requirements of die-casting molds are higher, because the fluidity of the alloy is much better than that of the plastic, and the high temperature and high pressure material flow from the parting surface will be very dangerous.
8. Generally, injection molds can be vented by thimble, parting surface, etc., die-casting molds must have venting grooves and slag collecting bags (collecting cold material heads).

Many die-casting products are post-process processing, basically without inclined top and inner sliding block;
Injection molds are generally formed at one time.


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