Aug 02, 2021

Compare with low pressure casting and high pressure casting's advantages and disadvantages on pressure casting process

The mold is on the casting process, there are generally high-pressure casting and low-pressure casting, all they call casting, but there is still some different. We need to pay more attention on its. It can't let the two process confused. So, how can we make a distinction?

In high pressure casting, the liquid metal is pressed into the mold cavity at high speed by driving the injection head, so the pressure is very high. But low pressure casting is through the air pressure and it will be metal hydraulic into the mold cavity. The air pressure is not very high, so it called low pressure casting.

Whether it is high-pressure casting, or low-pressure casting. They are a kind of pressure casting.

We will briefly understand the pressure casting as below:

Pressure die casting also has advantages and disadvantages


(1) The casting has high dimensional accuracy, good product quality, good surface finish,high product strength and hardness.

(2) The production efficiency of machinery and equipment is high, the service life of die casting mold is long, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation.

(3) Die casting parts generally do not need to do machining. It can be used directly, even if there processing capacity is very small. Therefore, it can improve the utilization of metal and save assembly time.


(1) The casting is prone to porosity and can not be heat treated.

(2) If the casting concave is more complex, then die casting will be more difficult.

(3) If it is a high melting point alloy, the service life of die casting die is relatively short.

(4) It is not suitable for small batch production because of high manufacturing cost.


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