Aug 02, 2021
Different models of products have different requirements for aluminum casings. In fact, they are mainly manifested in appearance, specifications and appearance solutions. Those who have touched aluminum casing processing will understand that there are two processing techniques in the manufacturing industry. That is CNC machining and die-casting processing, both of which are the technology of processing raw materials into estimated products. What is the difference between CNC machining and die-casting processing of aluminum housing?

The aluminum shell CNC machining technology refers to CNC machine tool processing, which is machine equipment processing under the intelligent manipulation of electronic computers. The aluminum shell can maintain some unique or complicated surface treatments under this type of processing technology, such as beveling and non-penetration. Manual engraving of forceful patterns or lines, solution of opening holes in aluminum shell sheet metal bending, surface treatment of non-leveling plans, etc., it can be said that even the most stringent and insoluble key points can be solved by CNC machining. In view of these customized aluminum shell processing factories with humanity and high requirements, it is generally unavoidable to apply this kind of aluminum shell processing plants.

The die-casting process uses the inner wall of the abrasive tool to release high pressure on the molten metal material, which produces a practical surface effect similar to that of the abrasive tool. Under the die-casting process, some simple hole opening and pattern forming work can be carried out. Relative CNC In terms of processing, the cost is lower, but it is impossible to carry out more complicated surface treatment.

Die-casting processing is not only cheaper in terms of price, but also the appearance of the product is much better than that of CNC processing. Various surface treatment effects can be done. Because the die-casting mold is relatively precise, the effect of the product is somewhat different. These two processing techniques of aluminum casing have their own characteristics, and they are both indispensable skills for aluminum casing manufacturers in production and operation, and the two can achieve complementary effects.

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