Jun 06, 2022

What are the main components of a precision mold?

      Precision molding is the latest technology in the field of plastic injection molding. Precision molding is a type of plastic molding that is the most expensive and complex mold design process on the market. Injection molding companies have never used the precision molding process for the entire product development process. It is only used in small and rare occasions in the manufacturing process when product development requires an exceptionally precise form of plastic injection molding.

      Precision injection molding is a highly technical process that requires the use of precision molds and precision machinery. The precision molding process differs from traditional injection molding techniques. The process is necessary to develop precision plastic parts with complex geometries that can replace high-precision metal parts in a variety of industrial applications.

The accuracy of a mold is the result of several factors, including

1、Accuracy of mold cavity dimensions

2、Accurate position of the cavity

3、The accuracy of parting surface

4、The choice of material

5、The dimensional tolerance of general precision mold

6、The number of cavities in the mold design

7、Thickness of base plate, support plate and cavity wall

8、Runner size

9、Precision mold material (preferably alloy steel with high mechanical strength)

10、Design engineering

How does precision molding work?

The process of molding plastics into special prices and calculated shapes through CNC machining is called polymer optics.

As technology grows in precision and complexity, the world requires increasingly sophisticated processes for molding plastics into specific shapes used in specialized industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, information technology, and other service industries.

The process of precision tooling and design engineering is carried out through cells that can also be computer programmed for injection molding, coating, testing and even packaging.

Precision molds are composed of four main parts: upper mold base, lower mold base, guide pillar, guide bush

First, the mold base - belongs to the standard parts, according to the production needs to choose the appropriate steel, its stiffness, deformation coefficient and other physical properties have requirements

1、Die base shape is divided into round and rectangular.

2、Die holder with die handle. According to the situation of punching machine, one or several specifications of common die holder can be manufactured, and then the convex and concave die can be made according to the situation of parts.

For general punching, drop, bending, simple deep drawing, shaping, etc., can be used in this way. Commonly used in the production of small batch and many varieties of stamping parts.

Second, the guide pillar and guide bush - is to guide the die travel guide element

Precision mold frame processing equipment is mainly milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine. Milling machine and grinding machine process 6 sides brightly to the specified size. The drilling machine drills and taps the holes on the mold frame that do not require high precision: such as screw holes and hanger holes. The most basic requirement for a precision mold frame is the need for smooth mold opening. The smoothness of the mold opening is directly related to the precision of the 4 guide pillar holes. Therefore, it is generally necessary to use CNC vertical machining center for quick drilling and then boring to achieve precision.

Non-standard mold frame is based on the above standard mold frame, and then finish machining. By finishing here, we mean in addition to the 4 guide pillar holes, the other set of mold cavities (mold frame), fine positioning, locking module, waterway (heating/cooling fluid passage), ejector holes, etc. required for the mold. Thus, the mold manufacturer can directly load its machined die kernels (cores) and be ready for mold trials and plastic product production.

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