Aug 02, 2021
Aluminum die casting plays a very important role in the industry, and it is used in many industries. It can be said that the society is progressing, and the requirements for this die casting are also becoming higher. Therefore, the process requirements of manufacturers in processing will also become higher, and the advantages of this product will be more and more obvious in the production and processing. What are the specific advantages?

What are the main advantages of aluminum die casting products?

Advantages of aluminum die casting

1. The density of aluminum alloy is obviously smaller than that of cast iron and cast steel, but its strength and corrosion resistance are much higher. Therefore, under the same load weight, using aluminum die casting can greatly reduce the structural weight.

2. For the surface of aluminum alloy, its surface gloss is very good, and its casting performance is also good.

3. Aluminum die casting is beautiful in appearance and light in weight. It is convenient for transportation in the process of operation. It is also a great advantage in automobile.

The mechanical properties and tensile strength of aluminum die casting have great resistance to the fracture of the material during manufacturing. To a certain extent, its elongation is a measure of material brittleness and plasticity. Hardness is the resistance of the material surface to the plastic deformation caused by the pressing or friction of hard objects.

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